The schedule and extra material of the

Problem Solving Seminar in Commutative Algebra

(and other mathematics)

  • This seminar has a format very different from the usual seminar activities. Instead of listening to talks on sporadic topics, we in the first place try to brainstorm and (hopefully) solve concrete problems suggested by the seminar participants. At the moment we are actively discussing different aspects and questions around the Waring problem for polynomials. The important aspects of suggested problems should be an easy elegant formulation snd relevance to mathematics in general. We are trying to avoid complicated technical language which usually shadows the content of good problems. Everybody who wants to join us is very welcome. In Fall 2015 we meet on Tuesdays at 10.00 in room 34, bldn 5, Kräfriket. Notice that below you will find a lot of unpublished material for internal use only. If you want to spread this, please, send a message to or This site will be regularly updated. We hope you will find something interesting below.