Some talks by Boris Shapiro

  1. On isodynamic points of binary forms and their ratios, University of Tromsoe, January 26, 2023
  2. Around generalized external zonotopal algebras, Stockholm University, March 14, 2022
  3. On branching points in deterministic and random matrix pencils, IPPI, January 25, 2022
  4. Return of a plane evolute, Steklov Institute, September 24, 2021
  5. Rodriques' descendants of polynomials and Boutroux curves, Steklov Institute, September 20, 2021
  6. On spectral asymptotics of quasi-exactly solvable quartic potential, CASC 2021, September 17, 2021
  7. Short presentation of research, Stockholm University, September 1, 2021
  8. Return of the plane evolute, University of Liverpool, March 5, 2021
  9. On topology of the spaces of real polynomials with constrained real zeros, Stockholm University, October 23, 2019
  10. On algebraic dependencies among harmonic and anti-harmonic moments of plane polygons, Stockholm University, October 14, 2019
  11. Several algebras associated to (multi)graphs, Michigan State University, East Lansing, November 7, 2018
  12. Random matrix pencils and level crossings, Albeverio Fest, Stockholm, October 1, 2018
  13. Variation on a theme of Kuijlaars-van Assche, IML, Stockholm, May 2018
  14. A multivariate Schmidt-Spitzer theorem, IML, Stockholm, May 2018 (by Per Alexandersson)
  15. Level crossing in deterministic and random matrix pencils, SISSA, Trieste May 2018
  16. What can be said about representing a polynomial of degree kd as a sum of k-th powers of polynomials of degree d? Extended version, Moscow, December 2017
  17. What can be said about representing a polynomial of degree kd as a sum of k-th powers of polynomials of degree d? Stockholm, November 2017
  18. Mother body measures with algebraic Cauchy transform, Stockholm, June 2017
  19. Around Descartes' rule of signs, Liverpool, March 2016
  20. Around Bochner-Krall problem, Segovia, September 2014
  21. One variation on a theme of Kuijlaars-van Assche, Stockholm, IML, May 2014
  22. On probability measures with algebraic Cauchy transform, Singapore, January 2014
  23. On root asymptotics for the eigenpolynomials of a Bochner-Krall operator, delivered at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Stockholm, November 2013
  24. On moments of a polytope, delivered at KTH, Stockholm, September 2012
  25. On the Waring problem for polynomial rings, delivered at KTH, Stockholm, February 2012
  26. Results and conjecture on algebraic Cauchy transforms, delivered at Mittag-Leffler institute, Stockholm, December 2011
  27. New developments in Heine-Stieltjes theory, delivered in Prague, March 2011
  28. Algebro-geometric aspects of Heine-Stieltjes theory, delivered in Bath, February 2009
  29. Properties of eigenfunctions of univariate linear differential operators and Stokes lines, delivered in Haifa, June 2007
  30. First steps towards total reality of meromorphic functions, delivered on the program in real algebraic geometry at Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, December 2005
  31. On sequences of polynomials satisfying finite recurrence relations, delivered on the combinatorial program at Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, April 2005
  32. Algebra of curvature $2$-forms pn G/N and its analogs, delivered at the conference 'New trends in combinatorics', Stockholm, Febr. 2005
  33. Mystery of point charges, delivered at Chalmers, Jan. 2005
  34. Theorem of Eremenko and Gabrielov, Stockholm October 2004
  35. On rational approximation of algebraic functions, delivered at KTH, Oct. 2004
  36. Properties of polynomial eigenfunctions, delivered at the satelite conference 'Topology, geometry,combinatorics', Juny 2004.
  37. Trees, parking functions, syzygies, and monotone monimial ideals, delivered at MSRI, March 2004
  38. On Shapiro-Shapiro conjecture in Schubert calculus, delivered at MSRI in March 2004