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[B1]  Supermanifold theory. Karelia Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Petrozavodsk, 1983, 200 pp. (in Russian).
A slightly expounded translation into French is available. For an expanded and expounded version in English, see [B3-B8] below, and [E7].

[B2]  Quantization and supermanifolds. Supplement 3. In [T8], 483-522.

SoS: books

[B3*] Seminar on supersymmetry. Vol. 1. Algebra and Calculus: Main chapters (with J. Bernstein, V. Molotkov, V. Shander), MCCME, Moscow, 2011, 410 pp. (in Russian).   An edited version:
A version in English is in preparation but available for perusal.


[B4*] Seminar on supersymmetry. Vol. 1½ (with V. Shander and I. Shchepochkina), MCCME, Moscow, ca. 240 pp. (in Russian). In [E7]. A version in English is in preparation.

[B5*] Seminar on supersymmetry. Vol. 2. Algebra and Calculus on supermanifolds. Additional chapters (with V. Shander, V. Molotkov and assistance of V. Serganova and A. Vaintrob), MCCME, Moscow, ca. 300 pp. (in Russian). A version in English is in preparation.

In preparation, available in a preliminary form

[B6*] P. Grozman, Seminar on supersymmetry. Vol. 3. SuperLie and problems (to be) solved with it, ca. 300 pp.

[B7*] Seminar on supersymmetry. Vol. 4. J. Jost - D. Leites seminar on super Riemann surfaces (with J. Jost, S. Krivonos, V. Ovsienko, Ch. Sachse, I. Shchepochkina), ca. 300 pp.

[B8*] Seminar on supersymmetry. Vol. 5. Chevalley supergroups and simple modular Lie superalgebras (with J. Bernstein, S. Bouarroudj, B. Clarke, P. Grozman, A. Lebedev, I. Shchepochkina), ca. 300 pp. (in Russian).

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