Doktorandprojekt - PhD Projects

at the Dept. of Mathematics, Stockholm university

Our group on Analysis and Mathematical Physics has several research projects for PhD students. In particular we suggest the following two research projects:

  1. Discrete and Continuous Quantum Graphs
    Quantum graphs - differential operators on metric graphs - is a rapidly growing branch of mathematical physics lying on the border between differential equations, spectral geometry and operator theory. Studies of spectral properties of such systems are very important for applications in physics, for example to nano systems.
    Supervisor : Pavel Kurasov
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  2. Quantum Networks: Random and Regular
    This is another project in the area of quantum graphs, more precisely quantum networks. The idea is to study infinite periodic, fractal and random networks.
    Supervisor : Pavel Kurasov
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  4. Pseudo-Caratheodory functions
    Some classes of analytic functions admit representations via resolvents of operators. Such relations have been useful in many places. The current project aims to find such representations (more precisely the appropriate class of operators) for Pseudo-Caratheodory functions, which appear in electro engineering.
    Supervisor : Annemarie Luger
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More information about how to apply can be found on the web-page:
How to apply

Deadline for application: May 2, 2013