Boris Shapiro


The epoque I naturally belong to.

My interests

Different questions in singularity theory as well as combinatorics and geometry related to Schubert cells.

Can you name three giants of my field?

I am a former student of the famous Soviet mathematician Vladimir Arnold who unexpectedly died on June 3, 2010. Here is some information about him.

Here are My papers. It could be much easier to find what you are looking for. Also available is my reasonably recent publication list. Finally, for students and researchers interested in my future research plans check this .

I am trying to make some of my talks public. See if you can find something worthy there.

Since Fall 2014, Ralf Froeberg, Alessandro Oneto, Gleb Nenashev, Lisa Niklasson and myself run Problem Solving Seminar,

In June-July 2015 I was be in charge of "Research experience" program at the Mathematics Department of UIUC. See some materials below UIUC,

Since May 2018, I was organizing a conference "Hausdorff Geometry of Polynomials and Polynomial Sequences" at the Mittag-Leffler institute. Here are some materials: IMLConference,

Here is my daughter Sonya and her descendants She has translated into Russian some funny novels of Woody Allen Well, I am a granddad already

Here are my twins Elias and Benjamin and the youngest Rebecka, Here they come!

And, finally my wife Karin and the three kids Great to have a family ...


Di Yiddische zaporozhtsy oyser a Schwedische Danube

Place where I am hiding

The main building of the Mathematics Department is located at Roslagsv. 101, Kraeftriket, look at page 25:F5 of the Stockholm's map in the phone catalogue.

How to Reach Me

Places that I visited

visited 45 states (20.74%)
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