Slides, R code and video lectures of our 2020 The Mathematics and Statistics of Infectious Disease Outbreaks summer course at Stockholm University are made available to a wider audience.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The markdown+Rknitr source code of this blog is available under a GNU General Public License (GPL v3) license from github.


During the 2020 summer Tom Britton and I gave a course on The Mathematics and Statistics of Infectious Disease Outbreaks at the Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University, Sweden. Pre-requisites for the course were undergraduate knowledge of mathematics (e.g. differential equations, optimization) and statistics (e.g. random variables, distributions, maximum likelihood inference) as well as some programming skills in a language with a data science component (python, R, Julia, matlab, …).

Now the course is done, we have decided to share all our course material, consisting of slides, R code and video lectures. The main page for navigating the material is on GitHub:


which, e.g., links to the Youtube playlist containing the videos.

Course content


We hope the material can be of value for those interested in the field, e.g., new Ph.D. students in epidemic modelling, infectious disease epidemiologists with a like for the quantitative side of matters, and for those who just want to improve their armchair epidemiology skills.