Categorical Logic Workshop

Stockholm University, December 3–4 2015

Organiser: Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine,


The workshop will run from 13:30, Thursday 3 December until 18:00, Friday 4 December.

Invited speakers:

  • Michael Makkai
  • Thierry Coquand
  • Peter Dybjer
  • Henrik Forssell
  • Nicola Gambino

Abstracts and schedule.



The workshop will be held in the Stockholm University Mathematics Department, on the Kräftriket campus, buildings 5 and 6 (“Hus 5/6”).

Getting to Stockholm: SAS and Norwegian offer cheap flights to Stockholm from many European hubs. The main Stockholm airport is Arlanda; Bromma is also good; Skavsta sometimes has cheaper flights, but takes about 30mins longer to come in from.

Getting to the department: if taking public transport, come to the bus stop Albano (stops are announced and signed clearly on buses). For the Stockholm public buses, you cannot pay on board: you must buy a ticket/card (SL-kort) in advance, at the airport or a metro station. Google Maps gives good route/schedule info: e.g. from Arlanda to the department is c. 1 hr, either Flygbuss (airport bus) + walking, or train/Flygbuss + bus 50.


We have had good experiences with the Hotel Hellsten, about 15 minutes from the department on bus 50, and just by Rådmansgatan metro station.

For cheaper options, I recommend looking for hotel deals on, or for private rental options on airbnb.

Internet access

Eduroam wifi access is available throughout the department. If you have not used eduroam before, most European universities and many other institutions give their members eduroam accounts automatically — your institution’s IT help pages should allow you to find out what your username and password for eduroam will be. In case you do not have an eduroam account, we can get you a temporary SU guest account.


Thursday evening, we have a table booked for 19:00 at Alfeus, a Greek restaurant 15 minutes’ walk or 5–10 minutes by bus from the department.

Friday lunch, we have a table booked at Värdshuset Kräftan, the on-campus restaurant (typical Swedish buffet).

Other meals: besides Kräftan (weekday lunches only) and Alfeus, a few more recommendations (times from department, by public transport):

  • Caffe Matte (0min): department café, simple hot dishes and sandwiches, Hus 5 (1 floor down from Thursday talks), cash-only.
  • Bar Central (20mins): central European style pub, very good food, excellent Pilsner.
  • Monks Porter House (30mins): brewpub, range of excellent beer, lovely quiet atmosphere.
  • Blå Dörren (30mins): good traditional Swedish restaurant, excellent meatballs
  • Hermans (40mins): big vegetarian buffet, great view over Stockholm harbour, serving special Christmas buffet this Fri/Sat.
  • Itamae Thai Style (15mins): good Thai food, reasonably priced, great for quick meal or takeaway.


Weather: Stockholm is not as cold as some non-Swedes expect, and this winter is very mild so far. This week looks to be cold and a bit wet, but above freezing.

Money: Sweden is not on the Euro — the exchange rate is approx. 10 kr = 1€. Cash is very rarely needed — most businesses take cards even for small amounts.

Slides: the lecture rooms have both blackboards and projectors (with VGA connection). We will provide a laptop and a USB stick for transferring slides; or email them in advance to Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine or Håkon Gylterud.