Teacher Training and in-service Training

I have participated in the following courses and seminars (8 in total) pertaining to pedagogy:

2015 Create a teaching portfolio, Stockholm University (4.5 hp)

This is a self-study course for university teachers at Stockholm University on how to develop your own teaching merit portfolio.
2012 Scholarly teaching in Science and Technology (Ämnesdidaktisk kurs), Uppsala University (2 weeks)

The aim of the course is to discuss how students learn engineering, science, computer science and mathematics and ways to incorporate this knowledge in teaching.

The goals were to gain skills in finding, evaluating and using scholarly resources in the teaching practice; discuss and evaluate higher education and educational development using subject education concepts, models and research results; argue for and practice scholarly teaching and development founded on relevant subject education research; plan, analyse and reflect upon teaching and education in the own subject in relation to research results and tested practice.

2010 Workshop on the use of Matlab/Octave in the Teaching of Mathematics, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2 hours)

The aim was to discuss the benefits of the introduction of Matlab/Octave in the teaching of Mathematics for engineers through practical examples.
  Workshop on the Teaching Methodology and Technology in the Mathematics Faculty, University of Barcelona (7 hours)

Two day workshop, where teachers of undergraduate level of Mathematics were sharing and presenting pedagogical initiatives which involve the use of new technologies and discussing about their positive impact in the teaching of Mathematics.
2007 Moodle day, University of Barcelona (4 hours)

Workshop on the use of Moodle technology platform in the higher education of Mathematics. The goals was to introduce the participants to its use and discuss about its impact in higher education.
2006 Workshop on the Implementation of the EHEA Methodology in the First Semester of Mathematics Curriculum, University of Barcelona (4 hours)

The goals of this workshop was to give the teachers of the faculty of Mathematics the necessary tools to implement in an effective way the Bologna process in the first Semester of the curriculum.
  Working Session on the Implementation of the EHEA Methodology in the Zero-Semester in Mathematics, University of Barcelona (2 hours)

Similarly as the previous one, the objective of this workshop was to give the teachers resources for implementing the EHEA system in the preparatory courses.
  Working Session on the Implementation of Subjects in terms of EHEA, University of Barcelona (4 hours)
The objective of this session was, to share teaching experiences from the EHEA perspective regarding: Organization and coordination; Teaching methodology and evaluation; Monitoring of students; rating and assessments; student's motivation.
2002 Spanish Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude. University of Barcelona (300 hours)

Postgraduate course equivalent to the British Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)