Symposium on Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2018 (LACompLing2018)

Stockholm, 28 –31 August 2018
Department of Mathematics and Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University

LACompLing2018 LACompLing2018 LACompLing2018 LACompLing2018


Computational linguistics studies natural language in its various manifestations from a computational point of view, both on the theoretical level (modeling grammar modules dealing with natural language form and meaning, and the relation between these two) and on the practical level (developing applications for language and speech technology). Right from the start in the 1950ties, there have been strong links with computer science, logic, and many areas of mathematics - one can think of Chomsky's contributions to the theory of formal languages and automata, or Lambek's logical modeling of natural language syntax. The symposium assesses the place of logic, mathematics, and computer science in present day computational linguistics. It intends to be a forum for presenting new results as well as work in progress.


The symposium focuses mainly on logical approaches to computational processing of natural language, and on the applicability of methods and techniques from the study of artificial languages (programming/logic) in computational linguistics. We invite participation and submissions from other relevant approaches too, especially if they can inspire new work and approaches.

The topics of LACompLing2018 include, but are not limited to:

Important Dates

Submission deadline, regular papers:   15 May 2018   31 May 2018 (Anywhere on Earth / AoE)
Submission deadline, abstracts:   31 May 2018
Notifications: 15 June 2018 12 June 2018
Final submissions: June 30, 2018
LACompLing2018: 28-31 Aug 2018

Submission Instructions

We invite original, regular papers that are not submitted concurrently to another conference or for publication elsewhere. Abstracts of presentations can be on work submitted or published elsewhere. Authors are required to use Springer LNCS style files. Styles and templates can be downloaded from Springer, for LaTeX and Microsoft: The submissions are via the EasyChair management system of LACompLing2018:



The registration for LACompLing2018 is obligatory. For registration details, please follow the link: Registration Instructions for LACompLing2018

Programme, Abstracts, Proceedings

Organising Committee

Krasimir Angelov, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Kristina Liefke, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Roussanka Loukanova, Stockholm University, Sweden (chair)
Michael Moortgat, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Satoshi Tojo, School of Information Science, JAIST, Japan

Local Organisation

Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine, Stockholm University, Sweden
Axel Ljungström, Stockholm University, Sweden
Roussanka Loukanova, Stockholm University, Sweden (chair)

Program Committee

Lasha Abzianidze
Krasimir Angelov
Annie Foret
Harald Hammarström
Kristina Liefke
Roussanka Loukanova
Michael Moortgat
Sylvain Pogodalla
Kiyoaki Shirai
Elisa Sneed German
Lutz Straßburger
Satoshi Tojo
Adam Wilson
Christian Wurm


Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
Kräftriket house 5A (room 22), Stockholm

Practical Information

Kräftriket campus, which hosts the Department of Mathematics, is located 500 meters south of Frescati campus.
You can reach Kräftriket from the subway Tunnelbanan in one of the following ways:

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  2. ibis Styles Stockholm Järva
  3. Hotel Rex Petit
  4. Liljeholmens stadshotell
  5. Writers' House
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  7. Hotel Point
  8. Best Western Plus Time Hotel
  9. Wasa Park Hotel


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Roussanka Loukanova: rloukanova at gmail dot com (primary)
Kristina Liefke: Liefke at lingua dot uni-frankfurt dot de

The photos are courtesy of the Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
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