Spectral Theory and Applications

Stockholm 2016

March 13-15: conference in memory of Boris Pavlov (1936-2016)
March 17-19: special session at 27-th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians

Department of Mathematics
Stockholm University

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Mathematical analysis, and operator theory in particular, form a solid background for studies of numerous problems appearing in modern physics and technology. Operator theory and analysis have grown together, and ideas and developments in one area often inspire and initiate important, and sometimes unexpected, developments in another.

We intend to bring together pure mathematicians from these fields with mathematical physicists, interested in developing further the mathematical tools in analysis, especially spectral theory.
Main topics:
1. Operators, including non-self-adjoint and in Krein spaces
2. Orthogonal polynomials, Jacobi and CMV matrices
3. Quantum graphs  
Arrival date: March 12
Departure date: March 20
Invited speakers:
V.Adamyan (Odessa) J.Behrndt (Graz) M.Brown (Cardiff)
A.Boutet de Monvel (Paris) J.S.Christiansen (Lund) N.Dencker (Lund)
P.Exner (Prague) L.Faddeev (S:t Petersburg) H.Langer (Vienna)
A.Laptev (London-Stockholm) V.Mazya (Stockholm) S.Naboko (S:t Petersburg)
A.Shkalikov (Moscow) B.Simon (CalTech) U.Smilansky (Rehovot)
C.Tretter (Bern)

No conference fee
Organizing committee:
Pavel Kurasov (Stockholm)
Annemarie Luger (Stockholm)
Boris Pavlov

If you have any questions please contact Annemarie Luger or Pavel Kurasov
luger (at) math.su.se, kurasov (at) math.su.se