QGraph 2021: Quantum graphs in 

Mathematics, Physics and Applications IX

QGRAPH Network meeting 

Stockholm University, 

afternoons December 8-10, 2021

This will be a hybrid meeting with possibility to attend

live in Stockholm (preferred) or via ZOOM.

The meeting is a Working Group 4 meeting of the
Cost Action MAT-DYN-NET and participants coming
physically may get financial support from the action.

Conference dinner is planned

on December 8 18:30.

The meeting  will occupy three days: 

December 8 (13:00-18:00), December 9 (13:00-18:00) and December 10 (13:00-18:00)
to allow participants
from all over the world to join.

Interested participants have a possibility to attend Nobel lectures in Physics and Chemistry

in the morning on December 8 (9:00-12:00),

Conference topics

Experiments with QGraphs 

QGRaphs as models in solid state physics

Spectral properties of QGraphs

Invers problems for QGraphs 

Quasi-periodic and random operators

Timetable and book of abstracts

LInk to the Nobel Prize lecture in Physics on December 8, 9:00-...

LInk to the lecture: Joana Pereira Detecting changes in Neurodegenerative Diseases with Grain Connectivity, December 9, 9:00-10:00

Organisers: Pavel Kurasov and Jonathan Rohleder

Advisory Board: Uzy Smilansky