Rolf Sundberg

Professor of mathematical statistics
Stockholm University

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Postal address:
Mathematical statistics,
Stockholm University
SE – 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address:
Room 307 of Building 6, Kräftriket

Telephone: (+46 8) 164553 Telefax: (+46 8) 6126717

I am professor of mathematical statistics at Stockholm University. I am formally retired from October 2009, but re-employed part-time to give a couple of courses per year.

My interests are in statistical modelling and statistical methods, both theory and applications. Fields of active research or particular competence are: Inferential principles, Exponential families, Climate models and paleoclimate statistics, Biostatistics, Chemometrics (calibration and regression), Sampling survey inference, Stereology, Statistical consulting.

In the period 2007 to 2012 I have given two courses per year on Master/Ph.D. level:
Statistical models, based on my own lecture notes on parametric statistical inference and exponential families, and
Statistical Consulting, involving clients and projects from the departmental consulting service.
2012 and 2013 I have given part of the Linear models course.

Autumn 2004 I gave a course on Statistical theory for exponential families. Spring term 2005 I taught Linear statistical models and Statistical consulting methodology (this time in English), and led a course on Statistics for microarrays. Spring term 2006 I taught Linear statistical models and Principles of statistical inference (graduate level; based on a book manuscript by David Cox).

Curriculum vitae . . . . . . . . List of publications

Recent Ph.D. students under my supervision, and their areas of research:

Anders Björkström (Licentiate exam 1998, PhD dissertation 28 Sept 2007):
(Generalized ridge regression and other regression methods for near-collinear data)

Niklas Norén (Licentiate exam 2005, PhD dissertation 7 May 2007):
(Searching in databases for information on side effects of medications; co-advisor Ralph Edwards)

Anna Stoltenberg (Licentiate exam 23 Sept. 2009):
(Statistical analysis of ordered categorical data in pharmaceutical trials; co-advisor Olivier Guilbaud, AstraZeneca)

Jelena Bojarova (Licentiate exam 2004, PhD dissertation 4 June 2010):
(Toward sequential data assimilation for NWP models using Kalman filter tools)

Hedvig Norlén (started Jan. 2005):
(High-troughput-screening of toxic substances, working at EC Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy)

Ekaterina Fetisova (started 2012):
(Statistical modelling in paleoclimatology)

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